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Infographic: Content types brands can post on social media for engagement

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Keeping the content varied and engaging on social media is one of the several obstacles brands face; this infographic will help brands and agencies diversify their posts and keep their audience hooked.

Explainer videos, behind the scenes, blogposts, holiday greetings, user-generated content, and more of such content types have been outlined in the infographic below, that can help brands diversify their content on social media.

Consumers refrain from consuming promotional posts on social media, their inclination towards entertaining or educative content should be accounted for while formulating the social media strategy.

The content types outlined in this infographic can be matched with topical events in the content calendar to form a robust strategy. For instance, a content type suitable for a particular holiday can be planned and created ahead of time for it to gain productive engagement while the topic is widely discussed.

Along with the content types, the infographic also outlines the posts formats that are suitable for each platform the content will be distributed on. As each platform has its own high-performing formats brands and agencies can also align their objectives accordingly.

Go through this infographic by ClickDimensions to know more.

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