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Infographic: How app-based businesses can improve engagement & installs with Stories

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This infographic by Meta explains how Sharing To Stories a feature that enables sharing of content from third-party apps to Facebook and Instagram can help in improving app installs and user engagement.

Sharing to Stories allows app users to share content as a Facebook or Instagram Story. The app can pass photos, videos, and stickers to the Facebook or Instagram app and these apps load it in the Story Composer so the user can publish it to their Stories. The infographic explores how this tool for Stories can be productive for app developers.

Organic content shares have the potential to drive app installs, improve user engagement, and lead to higher daily averages and better user retention rates, according to research by Meta.

The infographic shares statistics on the rate of productivity in driving business objectives such as an increase in daily average video views, user retention and acquisition, customer satisfaction, and social discovery.

Sharing To Stories also need to follow certain design principles for optimal results. The layout should refrain from including competing visual elements, with important information or details being easily viewable within the 5 seconds, and the content should be easy-to-understand with minimal visual elements.

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