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Instagram tests reverse-chronological feed

Instagram feed

Adam Mosseri has announced a new test which gives a glimpse of what the home feed might look like in the future with three sorting types including the reverse-chronological feed.

The reverse-chronological feed has been one of the most requested features on Instagram and will be available to users who are a part of the beta phase, and Mosseri further explains the new test. Users will be able to witch between these sorting types and two of the types would display in a chronological order


The first sorting type is the current Instagram experience based on content ranking systems and algorithms that rank posts based on various signals, user activity, and what they might be interested in seeing in their feed.

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This feed would show posts from all accounts followed by the user in reverse-chronological order. This feed was often requested by users who would not want to miss out on newer content and keep their feed fresh, instead of posts ranked by algorithms.

This feed type would also address a common concern several creators had about their posts not showing higher up in a feed, and it would only show up according to the chronology.


Posts from all accounts marked as Favorites by the user would show up in this feed. Users can manage their favorites by adding or removing accounts as desired.

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