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Instagram introduces new updates for creators

Instagram creators

Instagram Live and Remix now have been updated with new updates to enable creators in reaching a larger audience with Live and increasing accessibility to remix content on the platform.

Mosseri shares that the updates cover the overall theme of building Instagram for teens and creators with a focus on video and messaging.

Live In Profiles

Live in Instagram Profiles can now be scheduled separately from Feed Posts and Story Posts. The improvements to scheduling a Live also include a new badge on the Profile beside bio that would display the scheduled date and time for the Live along with the option to subscribe to the sessions and get notified when it starts. This badge will be visible to all users who visit the creators’ profiles, and not just the followers.

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Last year Instagram had announced the launch of Remix, which allows users to interact with other Reels with their own video content playing alongside the existing Reel, on the lines of ‘Duet’ on TikTok.

Remix lets users create, and share a reaction, or add their own perspective to a Reel on Instagram. The feature is an addition to the interactive tools available on the platform. Now with the new update, creators will e able to remix any video, and not just Reels.

The updates are on the lines of priorities shared by Mosseri for the platform in 2022. Mosseri shared that Instagram is “no longer a photo-sharing app” and the platform will double down focus on the video format. All video formats would be consolidated around Reels and Instagram will continue to grow that product. He also mentioned that video and controls have been the two major areas of development with the growth of Reels, consolidated video format, new creative tools for video, and more.

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