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Twitter improves performance advertising and measurement

Twitter advertising

Twitter has launched new products and measurement solutions such as Site Visit Optimization, Aggregated Measurement, and Events Manager, to improve performance advertising campaigns on the platform.

Aggregated Measurement, one of the latest product offerings by Twitter, has been designed to address the effect of Apple’s privacy update launched last year and build performance advertising tools that can provide business value.

Site Visits Optimization

The ‘Website Traffic’ objective that targets audiences most likely to visit the website, has a new optimization goal called ‘Site Visits Optimization’. When the ‘Twitter Website Tag’ is enabled all actions taken by the visitor on the advertisers’ website are tracked and attributed to the Twitter ad campaign.

‘Website Clicks & Conversions’ objective has now been renamed to ‘Website Traffic’ to acknowledge the evolution of the feature and the expanded product offering. New features and product offerings would be designed with the objective of driving ad conversions such as purchases.

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Aggregated Measurement

This measurement solution is designed to address the impact of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, along with upholding user privacy concerns. Conversion metrics would be provided to advertisers by counting events in aggregate for audiences who have opted out of tracking on iOS devices. Advertisers will be provided with an aggregated overview of site metrics and conversion events.

Events Manager

Associated web-based conversion events to the Twitter Website Tag can now be managed at Events Manager, the new centralized hub that would also provide insights on the conversion events. The update for this hub includes the following changes:

  • Streamlined interface that provides more clarity on setting up Twitter Website Tag
  • Clearer prompts to provide guidance on how to set up conversion events
  • Promptly see updates on the tracking status of the conversion events

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