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Building a firm foundation in a new skill requires a well-structured curriculum – Sanmay Panda, PGP DSBA


Hello everyone, this is Sanmay, and I have been part of an IT firm for the past 7 years now. I have been working as a Senior Associate Consultant in the Cyber Security Domain. I have been fairly using technical languages like Java and more specific to the Cyber Sec domain, I was working in Identity and Access Management involving Sailpoint, AWS, and Azure.

To reach a point in your career where it does not make sense to continue doing the same thing. Maybe you are bored, don’t earn as much as you deserve or, like me, simply never liked working just as a programmer. Amidst a career turmoil, I came across data science and noticed there is a massive opportunity by switching careers. This would be a big leap for me as I would be exploring vast domains of Machine learning, advanced analytics, and so on.

The word-to-mouth mostly did the trick for me in choosing Great learning as the platform to continue my transition to DSBA. I was completely new to learning via Online medium, however, that fear was allayed quickly once the course pace gradually picked up and the hunger to learn new technology kicked in. I have heard of Great Learning’s content and outreach program. Also, their EXCELERATE platform gives candidates ample opportunity to switch early on.

Mentored sessions played a great role in honing the skills to learn Data Science and Analytics. Self-study would only go so far unless we have a guiding hand who can clear our doubts in a regular manner and make sure every query is cleared before we move to the next step. The mentors would even further help you if you are struggling in a certain course by scheduling one-to-one sessions. The entire course content is designed systematically and in a precise manner, one seldom would have any doubts, but if there are any, the mentoring session helped it get resolved. I am especially thankful for these sessions.

Saurav Sindhwani was my mentor early on for most of the courses. He was very proactive and helpful in his sessions and helped clear the doubt of each candidate. He even took the extra mile to stretch sessions over the allotted time so that we do not go back with further doubts. He pushed us to give our best in every assignment and quiz. I would also like to thank Animesh Tiwari who helped with our End-to-end case study discussions and approach.

I have learned a great deal about the world of Data Science and Business Analytics. Starting from Python as a language to Data Mining and Machine learning. All these curricula helped me dive deeper and understand projects on a different level. This further pushed me to explore opportunities in other organizations wherein I handpicked a few curriculums like Data Visualization using Tableau, SQL, Python for Data Science, and Machine Learning. I am currently looking for other opportunities. Building a firm foundation in a new skill, such as programming, requires a well-structured curriculum. Remember, programming involves both cognitive (new syntax) and motor skills (typing).

You don’t want to waste time on problems that already have a clear answer if you’re making a career transfer to Data Science.

As a result, here’s what I wish someone had informed me before I started my job change:

  1. Concentrate on Python.
  2. Pick a well-structured course to build a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced areas like machine learning.
  3. Instead of viewing easy tutorials, learn through implementing real projects.

0 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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