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It was not easy, but certainly worth it! – Dhivya Karthic, PGP DSBA


I strongly believe in life-long learning. Being a data science enthusiast, it did not take so much self-convincing to upgrade myself along the same lines. However, was I ready to go back to being a student yet again, after nearly two decades? Not exactly!

My own son entering high school and me, being a typical mom, made the decision only tougher. I was hoping to pursue studies after a few years. However, with some help from family, I realized, “the right time just doesn’t walk to your doorstep and give you a knock. You create it!”. Once that decision was made, Great Learning was the obvious choice. What stood out was the balance of theory and practice included in the curriculum.

A thoughtfully crafted curriculum to balance work and study pitched at an appropriate level such that the students from versatile backgrounds, clearly understand the logic behind the concepts. The addition of self-paced courses and other offline materials made the learning holistic.

The instructors were phenomenal. Some of the difficult concepts were explained so well, in simple terms. I wouldn’t probably forget them for the rest of my life, say, PCA by Dr. Sarkar or Bayes Theorem by Dr. Viswanathan or ML concepts by Mr. Pattabiraman, to mention a few.

My mentors, Ms. Swati Deval & Mr. Rakesh Lakkala were very approachable. The mentor-led sessions were a near-classroom experience. A special mention to Mr. Animesh Tiwari. His sessions were usually precise, relevant, straightforward, and insightful. The always approaching deadlines along with the course level projects that were deliberately devised not just to reinstate the concepts, but also to make sure we become at par with the industry expectations, made this program challenging and unique! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone backstage of this program, all the instructors & mentors, and the career prep team who conceive some great initiatives to help students in their career transition. I’m truly grateful to my peers who have been a constant encouragement.

Being in the workforce for about 15+ years, the decision to pursue data science & business analytics at Great Learning was one of the pivotal moments in my career. Willingness to go the extra mile and being committed & most importantly consistent – I see myself accomplished at the end of the program!

It was not easy, but certainly worth it!
PS: “Take baby steps” has been my mantra for the last year and guess what? It worked!!!

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