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Difference between an Online MBA and a Distance MBA course

Distance MBA course
  1. Introduction
  2. Online vs. Distance MBA course
  3. Difference between an Online or Distance MBA course
  4. Online vs. Distance MBA salary in India
  5. Which is better, an Online or Distance MBA course?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  7. Wrapping up


How to choose an MBA program
Basis on which you can pick your MBA course

The increasing demand for managerial skills among professionals has resulted in several opportunities at one’s disposal. Nowadays, many universities offer different MBA types, ranging from traditional to Online and Distance to one-year Executive programs. Indeed, students and professionals who wish to get an MBA degree have more options and possibilities to improve their abilities without taking time off from work. But then they often get stuck on which MBA program to apply for. To help them in that direction, we have listed out the difference between the Online and Distance MBA courses.

Online vs. Distance MBA course

Enrolling in an Online and Distance MBA can allow learners to learn while they earn. The learning format is the same, but they are different like chalk and cheese. So, let’s understand the difference between the two.

What is an Online MBA course?

It is a more modern way of studying that utilizes the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – such as Moodle, Collaborates, or Blackboard to share multimedia lectures, have discussions, send student resources, and conduct exams.

What is a Distance MBA course?

It is traditionally known as the ‘correspondence course’ where study material and learning resources are sent to students through the post or email in the form of video tutorials along with PDFs and other documents.

Online MBA vs. Distance MBA course
Deciding the right MBA course

Difference between an Online or Distance MBA course

Basis Distance MBA Online MBA
Accessibility Distance MBA courses are usually delivered to students who live in remote places, who cannot commit to online study. Only students who have access to PCs can pursue an Online MBA degree via the Internet. It gives students the freedom to work according to their comfort and convenience.
Attendance Not Required Not Required (except for some cases)
Eligibility Graduation from a recognized University and a good percentile in the MBA entrance exam. Eligibility includes having a Bachelor’s degree with a 50% aggregate score.
Mock Interview No such provision Yes, given by Industry Experts (1:1)
Student-Teacher Interaction Students and teachers have no interaction. They only have to adhere to the exam deadlines and submission dates. It is an interactive teaching method where the teacher and student often interact via a digital medium.
Mentorship Only 4-5 doubt sessions per year Complete guidance
Assignments and Exams Students complete the course by receiving and submitting coursework in regional study centers. Students have to complete and submit their assignments & exams on time in an online format with no need to visit the college.
Placement Assistance Depending on the institution Placement Support
Flexibility It can be completed on a student’s own schedule and does not involve a specific timetable as an Online MBA. It requires utmost discipline. With numerous distractions, it is challenging for students to stay focused. As a result, they can improve their time management skills.
Alumni Status No Benefits Given Alumni status
Accreditation Although many recognized universities offer distance MBA courses, it offers fewer specifications. Many UGC & internationally approved online MBA degree programs are available in various fields nowadays.
Exposure The lesson plans are usually simple with minimal exposure. It does not allow you to study industry trends through real-world experiences and case studies. It is a better choice because its quality, status, and popularity are steadily increasing, and top business schools are increasingly offering online business degrees, making them even more accessible.

Online vs. Distance MBA salary in India 

The value of both the MBA courses is deemed equal to that of a regular MBA and offers prospects a higher-paying job.

Online MBA salary and jobs

Information Source: Payscale 
Job Roles Average Salary
Manager INR 12 LPA
Sales Manager INR 5 LPA
Marketing Manager INR 6.5 LPA
Brand Manager INR 9 LPA

Distance MBA salary and jobs 

Information Source: Payscale 
Job Roles Average Salary
Marketing Manager INR 6.83 LPA
Business Development Manager INR 5.98 LPA
Financial Analyst INR 4.14 LPA
Finance Manager INR 9.96 LPA

Which is better, an Online or Distance MBA course? 

Both distance education and online learning have advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day, they both allow you to study from home. Although the teaching techniques differ, the purpose remains the same: to obtain a quality education. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is distance MBA course equal to regular?

Ans: Yes.

2. Can I join an online MBA course after 12th?

Ans: No. The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree with minimum marks from a recognized institute.

3. Does distance MBA provide placements?

Ans: That depends on the institute you join to complete your Distance MBA program. Some institutions do provide placement opportunities, while others provide job support. 

4. Does distance MBA have value in India?

Ans: Yes, it does have value in India. Every year thousands of students enroll in a distance MBA course as it helps them save a lot of money and time but also get better job placement and even a salary hike. 

5. Is distance or online learning education as effective as school education?

Ans: Yes, it is just the same. The only difference is that distance or online learning is a form of education that doesn’t require students to be physically present in school. 

6. Do employers hire online and distance learning MBA graduates?

Ans: When you complete an MBA via distance learning program, you receive the same qualification you would get from a traditional MBA. And that is why employers view them the same as an identical qualification that was studied on campus.

7. Do distance or online MBA courses have value?

Ans: Yes, enrolling in an Online or Distance MBA course is worth all the time and money. An MBA degree opens several opportunities for students who wish to continue their learning journey while working. 

8. Are the distance learning MBA programs harder?

Ans: Distance learning MBA courses are as hard as traditional MBA programs. Since you will be working and learning at the same time, all that you need is an added factor of self-discipline to get the work completed. It will be a little tough or hectic at first but after completing the program one can secure high-paying jobs.

9. Which course is more affordable online or distance MBA?
Ans: Generally, a Distance MBA course is more affordable than an Online MBA. 

10. What are some of the top colleges offering online MBA programs?
Ans: Top universities like Shiv Nadar University and JAIN (Deemed to be University) provide one of the best online MBA degrees.

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Wrapping up

If this article helped you decide which MBA to pick, share it with us by commenting below.

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