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Feel more confident to present business findings from data analysis – Digvijay Waghade, PGP DSBA



I am a B. Tech. (Mechanical) degree holder with a PG Diploma in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai, I have work experience as a Project Engineer in Muscat, Oman (2 years), and as a Sales and Marketing Manager (5 years) in a Mumbai based B2B Trading Company. I am successfully handling the clientele, which includes not only some top Indian and Foreign companies but also several MSMEs. 

I believe in living life to the fullest; I love to see new places, make many friends, learn new skills to adapt to the rapidly changing life. My first job was a result of campus placement. I was fascinated by the idea of working abroad, and I preferred Muscat for the allure of having foreign exposure early on in my career. My experience in successfully leading teams and managing people as a Project Engineer in a Trading Company led me to think of a career in the field of business development. After completing the contract with the Omani Company, I joined the current Mumbai-based Company. I increasingly realized that challenges are quite different here. I needed to improve my skill sets and build on my competencies in the field of business development.

It so happened that while joining my second job, I thought that the Industry of Material Handling and Heavy Equipment did not call for the knowledge of data science at all or that data science had a very limited role to play at best. I thought that “Data” was strictly an IT Industry related thing. But after going through some of the industry surveys and business reports, I increasingly realized the importance of the knowledge of data science as an effective tool in business development.

The 2020 trend of WFH allowed many of us to spend more time with our laptops, thereby exposing us to newer trends and opportunities. I nervously started reading about a suitable DSBA course as I come from a mechanical engineering background and have no exposure at all to even basic skills in coding and syntax. As I read more and more, my confidence grew, and I made up my mind to go for the course. After considerable research, I zeroed in on the course being offered by the Great Lakes.

The major reasons I decided to go ahead with Great Learning are the well-known legacy of the institution in this fresh field of data science and the robust career support, which is simply unmatched. 

In any online Course, the live and recorded learning sessions are generally very important. But the mentored learning sessions at Great Learning are a class apart. A great rapport is developed between the mentor and the mentees; the topics are dealt with thoroughly, candidly, and in a very focussed manner. These learning sessions helped me to understand and digest complex concepts in a very simplified manner. These sessions also assisted me in tackling difficult assignments. All the mentors are exceptionally gifted and dedicated in their approach. The sessions are carefully designed, taking into consideration the demands of the topics and the requirements of the students. I really respect the amount of research they usually undertake to prepare their lectures and handle the difficulties of the individual students.

The mentors are not only very well prepared but genuinely committed to catering to the individual learning needs of the mentees. I am glad that I interacted with great industry experts such as Utkarsh Saraf, Aniket Goel, Nitin, Karina Pajwani, Rakesh Ambudkar as my mentors, who have helped me not only in my studies and assessments but also continually encouraged me to put in the required time and energy, to get equipped with the latest skills, and be ready to keep pace with the fast-paced industry trends.

Program managers are the first point of contact. During my course, I got a COVID infection, and while recovering from it, I lost all my confidence to go ahead with the course. Here my Programme manager Amit Mishra helped me a lot. I am really thankful for all his commitment and support, which pushed me to complete the course.

I have started using visitation tools and preparing datasets for business analysis. Currently, I am trying to strengthen my newly acquired data science skills by applying them to business analysis in my industry. 

But one of the most important things I have achieved from this course is the confidence to present business findings from data analysis. This is a new approach that is definitely helping me develop as a professional. This course can be a formidable challenge for non-IT professionals like me. But I would advise the new enrollers that this course will be a true investment for professionals which will not only professionally empower them for fruitful career transition but also will boost their confidence by letting them test their limits.

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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