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I feel confident, motivated to work – Jamadgani Kotamsetty, PGP AIML


I have a total experience of 9 years and 4 months in the Software Quality, Design, and Debug domain. I worked in Gaming and Semi-Conductor company respectively. Before joining the AIML program, I was a part of the team where I used to debug issues caused by hardware drivers for GPUs (Graphical Processing units). I was also automating some of the processes, which were iterative and time-consuming. 

My team and manager wanted me to make automation to processes which seemed impossible then because it involved the quality of graphics which we were validating along with the drivers: this needed experience and deep knowledge in coding.

I was working in a gaming company where most of the work was manual and contrary to the previous work experience, which challenged me. My experience in AMD opened my eyes to new possibilities and learning avenues. So wanted to switch immediately and was looking for a job with a Senior role/Team lead in the semiconductor industry.

The entire transition process and the experience were interesting. The concepts of Data Analysis which I learned during the course have helped me get into Micron Technology, which is one of the Pioneers and one of the very few Data Storage manufacturing and R & D companies in the world. I had 3 rounds, more than an interview. It felt like a conversation about memory and silicon technology. The questions were asked around how to find a solution for the problem during the R&D of storage silicon. Each of the first 2 rounds was more than 1 hour long, and a lot of extensive questions were asked around Data storage, analysis, and knowledge on automating some of the repetitive tasks. 

I didn’t have any other offers lined up, but I did have other interview offers lined up, which I didn’t take up because of lesser pay. I was focused on one particular industry, and I was working hard past 1.5 years to get through various interviews. And I’m grateful for the knowledge I gained from Great Learning, which helped me in getting through the interview.

The in-depth understanding of how data can be analyzed, cleaned, visualized and how exploratory models for the data have given me newfound confidence and motivation to use it as a tool to do come up with ML models to predict various parts of the work I’m doing. Though I’m new in Micron Technology and learning how things work here, I’m sure I will be able to implement any of the Data Exploratory models and probably ML models in the future.

EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), Basics of Statics for Data Analysis, helped me in my process. My Mentor, Mr. Shohel Noor, has been instrumental. His meticulous, patient teaching methodology has removed my fears and made me invested during the basics, which are even helping me now. I can’t thank Mr. Shohel enough for his teachings and classes.

I feel confident, motivated to work my best, and definitely recharged to have gained knowledge from Great Learning classes till now, which I believe will help me grow exponentially. I can’t wait to finish my course and use this experience to implement more in my workplace and move to new functionalities and get promoted in my job, which I thought was not possible for me before.

Transitions are not easy, and we will fail ‘N’ no. of times during our trials to transition to the new functionality of a business. The interviews might not go through but keep at it. Keep applying and keep trying to crack the interviews. On the 100th try, we will surely get through. It happened to me will happen to you as well.

Best of Luck!

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