The mentored learning sessions are the ones that distinguish this PGP-AIML course from other courses – Geetanjali Aich


I am a 2021 BTech pass out from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, and currently taking a gap of a year to apply for higher studies abroad. Meanwhile, I am an independent researcher who is working in the domain of Image Processing and Computer Vision and have two accepted papers in conferences. Before I joined the PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I was a BTech student. 

Earlier, I was intimidated if I would be able to cope with my experienced batch mates since I didn’t have any technical experience.  I wasn’t very confident about joining this program. This PGP-AIML program is the only one on the internet that allows freshers to participate in it. Most of the programs require some work experience. I had earlier taken short courses from other websites but had failed to complete them due to a lack of motivation. Great Learning Platform genuinely uses a hybrid type of education where learning happens both via recorded videos and live mentoring sessions. This is why I have been able to follow along smoothly. Also, since we are assigned under a program manager, we don’t fall behind, and any kind of issues are solved by them fully.

The mentored learning sessions are the ones that distinguish this PGP-AIML course from other courses. These sessions act as a motivation to complete the week’s study material and, in turn, help cope up with the entire syllabus. The mentor assigned to us always cleared our doubts and showed us live industry-based case studies. The sessions are of very good quality. I didn’t require much support since I could follow along easily due to my background in computer science. But the sessions were very encouraging, and many doubts and difficulties of different students were solved.

I have been able to complete 4 Machine Leaning projects because of the high-quality content provided. 

I feel that having some prior coding experience surely helps but is not a must. Also, if you are a person who hates maths, then this domain is not for you. Analytics can be fun when you see all the hidden patterns emerging from data and can be challenging at the same time. Hard work is necessary. 

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