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The mentor sessions helped me get the real-life use cases of cloud skills – Ravi Manjunatha, PGP CC


Cloud Computing is rapidly growing. Upskilling in this field can help you get better job opportunities and advance your career. Read further to learn about Ravi Manjunatha’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course in his own words.

Tell me about your personal/professional background and what were you doing before you joined the PG program in Cloud Computing?  

I am a Data Analytics Specialist with 14 years of experience. I was working as a Solutions Architect, designing and developing solutions on Cloud & Big Data prior to joining the PG program in Cloud Computing. 

What was your absolute biggest professional challenge before joining our program? 

I had worked on projects involving Cloud, especially the analytics suite of products, prior to joining the course. I, however, was looking for a Cloud course that covers the entire gamut of the technologies on the cloud and exposes me to the breadth of skills in the Cloud. Being a structured and time-bound course would also motivate me to complete the course in a timely manner.

What do you have to say about the quality of our Program? 

The PG Program first dwells on the fundamentals of technology right from what are containers? What are the various aspects of security? What are the design considerations for parallel distributed computing? And so on. It then introduces the cloud ways of doing it and then explains the corresponding product offerings from GCP, AWS & Azure.

This ensures learners get a complete understating of a particular cloud product and not just the “How to?” of it. The curriculum is taught by industry experts who have a keen passion for sharing knowledge, which makes the courses all the more engrossing.

How did the curriculum and mentor support help you in this process? 

The learners come from diverse industries, experiences, and geographic backgrounds. We are grouped into multiple teams, and we need to work on a capstone project involving the breadth of Cloud Technologies. This not only helps in increasing our professional network but also exposes us to various thought processes that go into building a cloud product.

The mentor sessions on the weekend helped me get the real-life use cases of the cloud skills that were taught during the week. It allowed me to gauge what the Industry expects in general and what are my areas of improvement, and in what directions I had to proceed. 

What helped you throughout this journey? 

The learnings from the course, coupled with my earlier Industry experience, helped me get better career opportunities and enabled me to get in the groove of Cloud ways of doing things.

What advice would you give to people who are looking forward to making such transitions possible? 

I strongly suggest all current and prospective learners go full throttle once you enroll for the course. Practice all the labs in the course and explore possibilities of implementing some of the learnings in your current projects. Form a team of highly motivated individuals and constantly work towards implementing new and exciting use cases outside of your curriculum. Opportunities in the cloud are constantly growing, and the pandemic has now made it a real flat world where global opportunities can come knocking at your doorstep if one has the skills. So Dream On, Rage On, Skill On!

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