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10 Local Snack Brands Loaded With Health Benefits That Are Worth A Shot

Everyone is slowly turning towards leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In small ways, everyone tries to look after themselves and their health. From changing snacking habits to squeezing a small workout in their daily routine, the changes are fundamental and very necessary to keep up with the ever evolving needs and demands! Over time, we have also developed the preconceived notion that switching to a healthy lifestyle means making an expensive switch but is it really true? Does being healthy resonate with increasing prices and an expensive lifestyle? Not really, exotic fruits and vegetables do end up being on the pricier side but that is also almost the case with any natural produce. There are several local brands that provide healthier versions of snacks, natural juices, fat and sugar-free ice creams at reasonable prices. Listing down a few products that one must try which will make your soul and body happy plus won’t even burn a big hole in your wallet.

Local Healthy Brands You Must Try

1) Snackible

Snackible is the healthy way to go! They offer a wide range of products like flavoured Makhana, Herb and Spiced Breadsticks, Chips, Nut Butters, Energy Bars loaded with nuts, moringa, dried fruits, granola chunks, and vegetable puffs. Snackible is almost every second person’s favorite snack with delicious flavours that leave you wanting for more. They have healthy substitutes for most snacks which makes munching super easy and guilt-free.

2) Noto Ice creams

Noto provides multiple options from vegan, almost sugar-free, keto friendly, safe for diabetic ice creams in bite-sized quantities. They also have a range of real fruit popsicles in different flavours. Their ice creams have about 3 grams of sugar, starting at about 75 calories. These guilt-free desserts are worth indulging in! The flavours they offer are dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, mangoes, french vanilla, pink guava, mocha, and their best seller and a personal favourite salted caramel. These ice creams are rich, creamy, and give you the sugary dessert rush without even consuming too much sugar.

3) RAW Pressery

RAW Pressery started small but have now partnered up with supermarket giants like Godrej Nature’s Basket and Foodhall to sell their products. They started with around 8 flavours and are now going to produce about 19 healthy fruit juice flavours. They also produced India’s first bottled sugarcane juice which is doing brilliantly in the markets. From only being available in supermarkets and online, they now have a strong consumer base with almost every small retail shop selling RAW Pressery bottles.

4) Yoga Bar

Yoga Bar offers natural and organic protein bars that make you feel energized. These bars are available in almost all stores and are a quick and healthy snack. They are loaded with nuts, dried fruit chunks, and granola. This one is sure to fill you up and can sustain you for quite a few hours!

5) To Be Honest

To Be Honest are crunchy real vegetable chips, cooked with vacuum and with lesser oil than regular chips. They offer the tastiest and crispiest beetroot, okra, tomato, taro, and sweet potato chips. They are lightly spiced with black pepper, pink salt, peri peri and mixed herbs and taste just like regular chips but are such a better alternative. They are mainly vegan and gluten-free.

6) Fruush by Jain Farm Fresh

Frrush offers one of the best and purest mango juices retailing in the market. They have a range of fresh fruit juices with flavours like raw mango, orange and mango, and guava which you can relish with a garnish of salt and chilli powder. These juices are made from 100% pure fruit nectar and are worth a shot. They are mainly available online, you can order their juice packs and enjoy them chilled to savour it!

7) Soulfull

Soulfull by TATA has some of the coolest range of muesli, oats, choco fills, and ragi bites. They are packed with dried fruit bits which can be eaten with milk or even plain, garnished over a smoothie bowl, or just snack on it with flavoured yogurt and you are good to go!

8) Max Protein

Max Protein came out with a series of high protein products which include cookies, peanut butter chips, gluten-free super-grain chips, and protein bars that are loaded with high nutritional value and are purposefully crafted with an ideal mix of protein. They are easily available in retail stores and supermarkets and are a wholesome and healthy snack to get going for Instagram.

9) Bono Ice Creams

Bono Ice Cream brings healthy, low-sugar frozen treats at reasonable prices in some of the quirkiest flavours which include dark chocolate, sea salt, lotus biscoff and they are all to die for. These ice creams are a rich indulgence and a treat you won’t regret digging into after a long day at work!

10) Epigamia

Epigamia is a Deepika Padukone helmed health brand. They offer some of the most delicious flavoured yogurts and dips. They have a salted caramel and chocolate dip along with a peanut butter dip. They are healthy with high fiber and mineral content that can be eaten with yogurt and smoothie bowls or can even be consumed by themselves for a fun snack!

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