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7 Times Sanket Mehta Surprised Us With His Multi-Talented Personality

It’s Damnfam’s Sankuuu’s birthday today, hehe. The multi-talented boy, Sanket Mehta turns 22 today and we wish him nothing but only good things in life. Honestly, he never fails to amaze us with his absolutely fun and creative Reels. Needless to say, he is really a jack of all trades and he masters it all too. From dancing to photoshoots to transitions to styling, he has really aced it all like a pro and we love him for that. Scroll your way through his multi-faceted personality and how he is nailing it all.

Let’s get dancing and celebrating…

1. He is a great dancer

Haaye, aren’t these Punjabi munde super good at dancing? We love how Manav and Sanket both have burned the dance floor with their superb energy and killer dance moves. Needless to say, Sanket isn’t just a fab dancer but he’ll get the people around him to get their feet tapping too.  

2. His transition Reels are super smooth  

Woah, wasn’t that so smooth? Honestly, we are big fans of his video ideas, concepts, and execution. Ngl, his transitions are extremely well planned and we love how he manages to always amaze us with his effortlessly cool transitions. He’s truly winning it with his crazy Reels.  

3. He has a great fashion sense

His fashion sense is another plus point to his creative persona. Be it ethnic, western or indo-western, this guy knows his strengths and never misses a chance to surprise us with his cool fashion game. Also, the way he executes them is just too good to miss out on.

4. He believes in breaking stereotypes

Why should pearls, earrings and jewels be restricted for women only? Even boys can rock them, just like how Sanket does, amirite! From painting his nails, wearing women’s clothing to embracing it all with so much confidence, we love how he never shies away from experimenting with his style.

5. He is adventurous

We can legit feel the happiness he felt while skydiving his way through Europe. Sanket sometimes truly makes us feel like, it’s his world and we’re just living in it, hehe. Joke apart, we love how he is out there experiencing everything and having the time of his life.

6. He absolutely kills it at every photoshoot

Aren’t these photographs absolutely amazing? Sanket has the ability to always get the vibe, setting, and aesthetics of all his photoshoots right and we love his perfection in doing so. Ahh, this boy never fails to impress and is killing it at everything.

7. He is extremely competitive

Did you notice his concentration at winning this game against Rishabh? Be it life or squid game, we can see that he is extremely focused and engrossed in winning but also having a fun time and living life.

Well, we are totes hooked to his profile and can’t stop scrolling through his creative Reels. Isn’t he just too good? On another note, we hope y’all are vaccinated and staying safe.

Source: MissMalini

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