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3 Ways To Manage Unsolicited Advice Like A Queen When It Comes To Your Kids

It’s 2022. Women work in almost every industry- we have the best of the best protecting our borders, leading multi-billion-dollar companies, running their own homegrown masterpieces, and that too while raising children! And yet, we’re constantly annoyed with those traditional, unsolicited, and mostly unnecessary bits of so-called advice on what’s best for our kids.

All the parents have got the – pull their legs and hold them straight when they’re sleeping so that they don’t get bow legs or don’t let babies look at the moon its bad for their eyes or how can she be so clingy – you need to leave here without you more.


So it wouldn’t be surprising if the first thing that comes to mind in such a situation would be to ask them to mind their own business. If only it were that simple!

Instead, here are 3 tips to handle unsolicited advice whether from fellow parents or nonparents (which somehow seem way more annoying!) that will keep your sanity intact.

The SNN Routine

Smile. Nod and say nothing. It leaves them really confused. Especially when they’ve spent a good ten minutes narrating a (probably fictitious) incident to prove what they’re saying is true. It drives them crazy! And works every time.

The Battlefield: Your aunty mentioned how her friend’s daughter’s best friend’s son had so many bananas one day that his body turned pale yellow.

You’re obvious response: Oh please aunty, that’s obviously not possible.


Enter the SNN Routine: Smile, nod, and say nothing. (Of course, don’t look happy – just look pensive and say nothing.)


Thank you, Next

When you get to a point where you’re going to either whack them across the face or just slam the door on them, take a deep breath – remember that at the end of the day it’s always your choice. You’re the mommy and you know best.

The Battlefield: Your Masi visits your son for the first time and is appalled, almost shocked that your 15-month-old toddler is not potty trained yet!

You’re obvious response: Oh please aunty, were you potty trained at 15 months?


Enter Thank You, Next: Thank you for your concern but we’re taking it slow with him and going by our pediatrician’s advice!


The Psycho

When they give advice that really really makes you cringe (and this works especially well for the non-parent advice-givers) it’s ok to give it back, but in a way in which they’re just dumbfounded. Polite tone, sharp words, with a smile on your face.

The battlefield: Your uncle is trying to get a smile from your little one. But (she’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t deserve one) she refuses to budge and is clinging on to you crying. So he tells you how this is the beginning of an inferiority complex she will have as an adult and how you really need to stop smothering her so much.

You’re obvious response: Get out of my house and don’t let the door kick your a** on the way out.


Enter The Psycho: Ankit uncle that is so sharp of you to notice from your past experience. Since you know so much about kids, I’m going to ask you for your expert advice with her meals and potty training, please!


Feel free to try these techniques to ward off these unwanted advice spirits.

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