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7 Creator Reels On The Trending Audio, ‘Pope Is A Rockstar’ That’re Fun & Motivating

Instagram is always buzzing with innumerable trends and this audio is currently on top of the trending charts of songs. Even tho the actual lyrics are ‘Pope Is A Rockstar‘, it’s being misinterpreted as ‘Go Little Rockstar‘ in the creator space. Tbh, this misheard lyric has given us some really wholesome, motivating, and encouraging content and therefore we got no room for any complaints. Scroll your way through these creator Reels to get a little curve around your lips ‘cuz it’s too cute yet inspiring.  

Let’s ‘Go Little Rockstar’…

1. Surabhi & Samridhi

Hahaha, even we want to sign up for this ‘twin’ sorcery. Having a twin does have its own perks and Surabhi and Samriddhi here have proved it. Isn’t this also a great way to make some money on the side? ‘Go Little Rockstar’ indeed, hehe.

2. Raj Shamani

The year gone by was tough for many but so many people have silently fought their battles and entered 2022. Raj Shamani here is applauding all those warriors and we find this extremely motivating and inspiring. On that note, congratulations to all of us who made it to 2022, woohoo.

3. Tarini Shah

Who doesn’t love to watch a cute doggo just vibing on its own? Well, much like Tarini even we love to hold our gaze on a dog doing absolutely nothing. Tbh, they’re too precious to do anything and we love to see them do nothing too, hehe.

4. Aashna Bhagwani

Aashna Bhagwani never fails to inspire and motivate us with her body positivity and here she is doing it again. It’s all about embracing your body type and wearing what suits you the best, haina?

5. Radhika Bangia

This one is tricky, we can feel the dilemma Radhika must be going through here. Even though we don’t want our friends to go through any pain, sometimes we just need to let them do what they want and be supportive.  

6. Yuvika Abrol

This one has to be the cutest of them all. Every child loves it when their parents cheer them in the audience at the annual function event. Yuvika doing the same has honestly brought a big bright smile to our face, isn’t this too cute?

7. Satshya

Isn’t this so relatable? While all of us tend to cringe and not like our own voice in a voice note, moms are always amused listening to their voice notes. We find it really ‘amusing’ and absolutely cute tho. Moms are the cutest after all.

Aren’t these creator Reels too cute yet encouraging and inspiring at the same time? We loved them all. On another note, we hope that with the recent surge in COVID-19, you’re staying home and taking all the necessary precautions.

Source: MissMalini

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