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From Her Go-To Fashion Advisor To Her Worst Fashion Moment, Janhvi Goes LIVE To Unveil Some Secrets

I have always been fascinated about the Hindi film industry and its stars, and with the social media boom, people like me have been able to get an inside look into their lives. Even celebrities have gotten much closer to their fans and admirers. And I witnessed it recently again when I saw Janhvi Kapoor‘s LIVE on Roposo, which gave me a deeper and not known before insight into her life.

Janhvi’s fashion sense is exemplary and I truly admire the way she carries herself in anything. Be it her outfits, her accessories or her make up, the actress sure does set up some major goals. And while I always wondered the secret behind it, Janhvi revealed it all in her latest LIVE and even you wouldn’t want to miss it. So, here are a few insights into Janhvi and the Kapoor family’s fashion diaries from directly the actress herself:

3 people whose fashion sense inspire you?

“Audrey Hepburn, Gayatri Devi and Blake Lively.”

And in Bollywood?

“My mom (Sridevi), Waheeda Rehman ji and Sonam (Kapoor) didi.”

Who is your go-to person for a fashion fix?

Khushi. I always ask my sister for advice and she is never happy with what I wear. She is the better dressed sister out of the two of us. Even papa (Boney Kapoor) is never happy with what I am wearing. The other day me, Khushi, Anshula (Kapoor) Didi and papa went for dinner and I was a little late, so papa said that my pretty, well-dressed babies are here and the other one is coming now. I know that it’s all in fun, but they are actually the people I go to for advice.

The first time you used make up?

“I remember not being allowed to do make up for a very long time and even after that I was allowed to just put on lip balm and kajal. So, stealing mom’s kajal and applying it would be my first make-up memory. But I didn’t know how to use it so I would spread it all over my face and look like a raccoon.”

Source: instagram | @janhvikapoor

Have you ever secretly went into the bathroom during childhood to do make up?

“All the time. I used to wear those big jackets and go to mom’s dressing room and then walk out by filling my big pockets with her products, but she always used to catch me.”

One male actor in Bollywood whose fashion sense you really find amazing?

“I really like how Ahan Shetty dresses up actually. It’s so simple, classy, chill and true to his personality.”

What has been your worst fashion moment?

“I had gone swimming somewhere in Dubai and by chance, the change of clothes I got with me, also got wet. So, the only thing left for me was my friend’s cardigan and my own sarong. Thus, I wrapped the sarong as a top and the cardigan as a lungi, paired with flip-flops and giant sunglasses of my friend as I had to enter the hotel and there were many Indians there. It was really obscene.”

Source: instagram | @janhvikapoor

Not just her own, but Janhvi even spilled the beans on the fashion secrets of the Kapoor family, and this was the section that I really enjoyed the most. When asked to choose people from her family who would fit into these bizarre circumstances, the actress had some surprising revelations to make.

Most likely to wear pajamas to a party?


Ready all the time or has an OOTD for every time?

Sonam didi.

The one who would look in the mirror and compliment themselves?

Anil (Kapoor) Chachu.

Khushi and Shanaya (Kapoor).

Who would wear the worst clothes and still think they look amazing?


Your go-to fashion advisor and fashion critic?

Advisor would be Khushi and critic would be between papa and Anshula didi.

Source: instagram | @janhvikapoor

The actress even shared some beauty hacks for her fans and trust me, that is something that I am really going to apply and use in my real life, and I suggest you do too.

Janhvi’s beauty hacks:

If you have a nice lip balm, you can put it on your cheeks, lips and eyelids, and that’s all you need for a day out.

If you wear a day dress with heels and accessorize it properly, it can even turn into a cute night look.

If you have greasy hair and you are going out, just tie into a tight ponytail and it can make any outfit look formal.

If you don’t have heels, stand on your toes and wear long pants, and you can easily fool people and get strong calves the next day as well.

Well, after watching this LIVE and listening to this conversation, I feel much closer to Janhvi, not just as an actress but also as a person. And that’s what makes these lives special as you get to have an insight into the person, not just the star. Roposo’s LIVE is truly an amazing feature that has made me look forward to each one of it every time as I uncover so many secrets of my favourite celebrities, and if you aren’t on the app yet, you are truly missing out. So, what are you waiting for. Go download it now!

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