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War 2 Confirmed in Tiger 3 – Release Date, Cast and other Details

After the release of Tiger 3, many people who sat till the end of the Leke Prabhu ka Naam Song witnessed the Hrithik Roshan cameo in Tiger 3, It was more like an announcement of War 2.

We have shared the complete Review of Tiger 3, which you can check on our website, we have also shared Tiger 3 Dialogues.

Hrithik Roshan came in Tiger 3 confirmed war 2

We all know that War 2 is on the cards with Jr NTR and Hrithik Roshan, and we have seen the cameo in Tiger 3, We saw Colonel Luthra (Ashutosh Rana) talking to Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) on the phone about his next mission, which is going to change Kabir’s personality, and he will become a badass, ruthless killer, which we saw in the cameo when he fights multiple people and finish them brutally.

So, War 2 is confirmed, and a little bit of teaser we have seen in Tiger 3, so you can say YRF has released a War 2 Teaser with Tiger 3 at the end of the film.

The release date of War 2 is 24 January 2025, It may get changed or prepone and postponed is possible, all depends on the completion of the film in 2024.

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