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We Added These Beauty Products To Our Stash Recently And We’re Obsessed With Them

Am I the only one who’s perplexed about the fact that April is here already? Well, 2 months into the new year and we’ve already seen a barrage of beauty products make their way into the market and our vanities. Especially mine! There’s absolutely nothing more exciting than trying out a new beauty product and discovering how well it works for you, don’t you think so? Whether that happens to be a luxurious body oil, soft liquid blushes or a lightweight sunscreen.

Here are a few beauty products that have just hit the shelves and should definitely be a part of your vanity too! —

Ilana, Dream Blush

Yes, we’re aware that blush happens to be everywhere lately. The shift from powder blushes to liquid blushes is quite pleasing, no? Liquid blushes are extremely versatile in their usage and quite portable too. That’s exactly why Ilana’s newest launch, their dream blushes have us all excited. These blushes come in 3 different shades and double up as a lip tint too! There’s a subdued peachy shade, a soft pink shade and a gorgeous plum shade, all of which suit Indian skin-tones perfectly.

FAE Beauty, Basic Skinstick

NGL, I’ve been enjoying skincare sticks lately. They’re such easy-to-use products, don’t you think so? No fuss about leaking or using too much product. FAE Beauty’s latest launch, the basic skinstick is nothing but basic, let me tell you that. This product is nothing but a serum, that’s in a stick. Since we’re all about barrier strengthening products, this particular one does exactly that. Enriched with ceramides, squalane, probiotics and hyaluronic acid, it promises to help you deal with dullness, bumps on the skin and acne flare-ups.

Masic Beauty, Skin Juice- Lavender Rose Body Oil

Personally, I’ve always had conflicting opinions when it comes to body oils. As someone who lives in Bombay, where heat and humidity are present all year round, I’ve never enjoyed making my skin oilier than it already tends to become. Skin juice from Masic Beauty has officially made me a body oil gal. Unlike usual body oils, this one isn’t greasy or sticky at all. It comes enriched with sweet almonds, sesame, lavender and rose oil— all of which will leave your skin feeling healthier and hydrated.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 5

If you’re an ardent eyeshadow freak like me, every eyeshadow palette launch by Anastasia Beverly Hills must’ve been on your wishlist. Their latest launch, the Norvina pro pigment palette vol. 5 belongs to the famous eyeshadow collection curated by Norvina herself. A dreamy collection of hues that range from lilacs to browns and ethereal sparkles, this is the ideal summer eyeshadow palette fosho!

K-18, Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

We’re all suckers for some Tiktok-influenced beauty buys, no? Even more so when they happen to be highly effective. K-18’s leave-in molecular repair hair mask has been all over the internet with its drastic before and afters. This particular hair mask is a stark winner amongst every other one out there because, unlike usual hair masks which hydrate your hair from the outside, this one goes deep into the layers of your locks and renews its elasticity within 4 minutes. I tried this out when I dyed my hair ash-blonde, and boy has it never looked better!

Nykaa Beauty, All-Day Matte Foundation

Summer’s right around the corner, and it’s definitely time for all of our luminous and dewy products to take a backseat. Nykaa Beauty’s newest addition to their all-day matte collection is an all-day matte foundation that is formulated to provide hydration and stay in place throughout the day, making it perfect for these pesky summer afternoons. Despite being a matte foundation, it has a rather light texture that prevents any cakey finish.

The Body Shop, Speak Up Vinyl Lip Gloss

It’s no secret that lipglosses have made quite the comeback lately, after all, they’re a lot more fun than lipsticks are! The Body Shop’s newest vinyl lip glosses are every gloss lover’s dream, with their vinyl semi-gloss finish and vibrant shades. Created with 94% natural origin ingredients, these glosses nourish your lips and give them a wash of colour too. I absolutely love the shade names, especially my choice and bite back. How rad are they?

D’You, In My Defence

While it may be all fun and games for us to explore a variety of ingredients and skincare products, our skin doesn’t feel the same way! Very often, the barrier of the skin ends up getting compromised in this process of experimentation and that’s where D’You’s in my defence comes in. It penetrates the skin’s barrier in order to heal it completely by mimicking the skin’s natural barrier composition.

The Switch Fix, Scalp Root Strengthening Acai of Relief Hair Mask Bar

Over the last few years, a large number of beauty consumers have been making conscious decisions and opting for sustainable choices, rightfully so. Every product from The Switch Fix is a step in the right direction. Their scalp root strengthening acai of relief hair mask bars are the answer to all of your frizzy and dry hair woes. These bars need to be added to boiling water and voila! A rich, creamy mask brimming with camellia, acai berries and onion will strengthen and soften your hair.

Bath and Body Works, Fairytale Fine Fragrance Mist

Nobody does fragrances better than Bath & Bodyworks, amirite? I’ve been a devoted user of almost every product. That’s why when the fairytale collection found its way to India I just had to try it out! The scent for this collection is an amalgamation of pomegranate nectar with refreshing orange blossom along with vanilla and amber. Now, who wouldn’t want to smell like this? The fine fragrance mist is a long-lasting one, with just a few spritzes taking you throughout the day.

Schwarzkopf, Professional Fibre Clinix Range

All thanks to external stressors and pollution, our hair often faces the consequences of it. And we’re left with brittle and lifeless hair, I know I am! Schwarzkopf’s newest range, the professional fibre clinix range possesses a special bond technology that works extra hard to repair and restore both the inner and outer structures of your hair, revitalising them instantly. I for one, can’t wait to experiment with this!

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