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39 foods that start with h

Foods that start with h brings up unique and new words of foods that begin with h. It is quite a challenging task to bring together most of the words mainly foods beginning with the same letter, but, I tried my best to collect most of the words and also will be describing in detail how the foods can be described.

Check out below some of the foods starting with h that can include recipes, spices, fruits, vegetables, condiments or anything that is edible. Also, check out other foods lists created on the blog with foods that start with d.

foods that start with hh

foods that start with h

1. Halal food

This kind of food is in a manner in which the animal to be eaten is slaughtered according to permissible Islamic law. The halal rules are to be followed in Islam before slaughtering the animal and this is done according to the holy Quran.

There are some animals meat that is not halal to eat such as pork, carnivorous animals and many more. Most of the halal food animal meat that is permissible to eat in Islam are lamb, mutton, goat, beef, chicken etc… Without following the rules of halal, the food becomes haram to eat as per Islamic law.

Before following the halal method of slaughtering, the animal has to be healthy and a suffering animal or unhealthy animal cannot be used to slaughter. In simple words, animal meat is eaten after slaughtering the permissible animal to eat by following Islamic laws.

2. Honeydew melon

It is similar to musk melon and belongs to the same family or species. The musk melon appears and has slight orange skin and slight orange colour flesh inside whereas the honeydew melon has slight green color skin and the flesh too has slight green color. The musk melon or cantaloupe is sweeter in taste compared to honeydew melon which sometimes has hard and firm flesh inside.

3. Hot dogs

This is a food dish that has a long bun slit in between and sausage is placed between the slit part of the bun. The sausage is usually made with ground meat of any kind. This is quite a popular food recipe all across the USA and American countries. Kids mostly love to have this dish.

4. Habanero

This is small size chilli or pepper grown in South American regions mostly in Peru. It needs hot climate to grow and it is spicier and hot in taste compared to a jalapeno pepper. The chillies appear small in shape and are initially green in color. After ripening then turn into yellow or orange or different colors and appear colorful.

Different food made using habanero is sauce, jelly, salsa added to chips for spice flavours and also to many other recipes.

5. Ham or Hamburgers

Ham is basically the mat obtained by cutting the leg part of the pork and is quite a popular meat in American countries and most of the dishes make use of this part of the meat.

It is added to sandwiches, burgers and sausages are made using ham. One such popular food made using ham is a hamburger and it is stuffed between round buns along with spreads, sauces, cheese etc… and served as a meal in American regions.

6. Hummus

This is a dip made mainly using chickpeas paste. This is a popular dip belonging to the middle eastern countries served with bread such as pita bread. The chickpeas are made into a fine mushy paste using other ingredients such as tahini, garlic, lemon extract, spices and herbs. The dish is topped with olive oil, seasoned with herbs etc…

7. Hazelnut

This is a type of nut obtained from hazel trees and the shell of the nut is hard. The fruit inside the shell is edible and to break the shell use nutcracker or a hammer and these two methods work well to remove their shell.

The nuts once remove with shell can be eaten by blanching, roasting, chopping or added as topping to any sweet or dessert and enjoyed.

8. Hakka noodles

These are a type of noodles mostly belonging to the Hakka cuisine. This cuisine is now popular is many South Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and many restaurants in India too serve this type of noodles.

The noodles are cut after rolling out a flat dough. The dough is then cut into needle-like strips and then made into noodles. The noodles are then cooked either by boiling or adding to soup, adding along with meat, chicken and served with soups. The noodles can be stir-fried using any sauce, vegetables and meats of any kind.

9. Honey

This is the most common sweetener known for ages. Honey is extremely useful and beneficial in terms of health and honey consumption is always known to have many medicinal benefits as well.

It is added to recipes, drinks, weight loss recipes, added in place of sugar. The bees bring the liquid from the nectar of flowers and gather it on a beehive. Honey is obtained by separating it from the beehive and it is processed to remove impurities.

Having a pure form of honey is good for health before it is adulterated during processing.

10. Honeycake

Cake made using honey in the batter and it gives the sweetness along with the sugars added. Since honey tastes sweet, it is eaten by the Jews during Jewish new year celebrations as a symbol and hope for a sweet year ahead.

It is made and baked similar to other cakes but this cake consists good amount of honey as a sweetener to the cake batter. The cake is baked in the oven until nicely done and served using icing or by adding our own toppings.

11. Hunan chicken

This is simply a chicken dish made by using chicken breast pieces and mixed vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, celery by mixing with spicy sauces mostly by using ginger garlic sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce.

12. Hot and sour soup

A Chinese style of making soup that is spicy, sweet, savoury as well as tangy and made by cooking broth of vegetables and chicken with sauces such as soy sauce, chilli garlic sauce etc…

13. Harissa

This is a thick sauce made using chilli paste. The chillies used to make this variety of sauce are red peppers. Also, other ingredients are added to make this kind of paste such as tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, also added are some garlic and blended into a fine paste.

14. Haleem

This is a popular dish from India, Hyderabad and it is also popular in many middle eastern countries. The dish is made by pounding cooked meat and lentils together after slow cooking them for hours with spices and herbs. This is healthy food to be eaten in the holy month of Ramadan now becoming quite popular all over the world.

15. Handi recipes

Handi is a clay pot or an earthenware pot that is used for cooking purposes on a wood fire in many parts of the world. Food made in handi turns out delicious than food prepared in an oven or electric cooktops.

Any dish be it a vegetarian dish or a non-vegetarian dish can be cooked in these handis and the food turns out yummy.

16. Hibachi chicken

This is again a Japanese form of making chicken where the chicken breast is simply stir-fried and sauteed in sauces to be eaten with fried rice. Hibachi cooking is a cooking method in which the food is cooked on huge metal plates by supplying charcoal or wood-burning beneath the plates. The hibachi is a cooking device where any dish is cooked.

17. Hibachi fried rice

A huge metal plate is used to stir-fry the rice on the plate for few minutes by stir-frying vegetables, eggs, chicken by adding sauces such as soy sauce and sauteing well to the fried texture. This is again made by hibachi-style cooking using a metal plate.

18. Hibachi noodles

The noodles are too prepared with the same cooking technique and hence the name given. The noodles too are sauteed in veggies, sauces and meat lovers can add small pices of chicken breast to the noodles or any other meat that is preferable. Making it on the metal plate is the main technique behind hibachi cooking.

19. Honeycomb toffee or candy

Its a toffee generally made using sugars, corn syrups, baking soda and also appears to be light in texture. The toffee is also named as sponge toffee made by adding water to the mentioned ingredients.

20. Hot chocolate

In simple terms adding melted chocolate or cocoa powder to milk and stirring the hot drink makes it a hot chocolate. The basic recipe can be modified with many other ingredients such as adding chocolate chips, sugar and also can be given creamy toppings to make it look beautiful. Not only milk but hot water too can be used in place of milk. A quick chocolate drink made in a couple of minutes.

21. Hing (Asafoetida)

Its commonly called Asafoetida in English terminology but Indians call it “hing” and is a very popular spice used in Indian cooking. It is added to recipes mainly during tempering. It is obtained from ferula plant. The spice is dried first and then ground to a powdered form before being packed for selling. It gives out a unique smell that is pungent as it contains sulphur compounds and is used because it has lots of benefits such as digestion.

22. Honeycrisp apple

It is an apple variety mostly found in the USA and I love the crisp flavor of these apples which are not sour but slightly sweet enough to eat as a healthy fruit. Apples are of many varieties and this one is one among them.

23. Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce appears like dark soy sauce but is much thicker in texture and used in a similar way to soy sauce. It can be used while cooking different dishes of meat, veg stir-fries, meat stir-fries or can be used as dips as well.

Its taste is much sweeter as a lot many ingredients go into making this sauce. Various ingredients such as soybeans, sometimes potatoes, garlic, peppers, sugar for sweetness and many other flavours are added to give the sweet flavour to the sauce which can also be used as a dip.

24. Haddock

This food is one of the varieties of fish available in the world. The flesh of this fish is eaten and this fish is mostly found in the waters of England or the North Atlantic ocean. The fish is usually frozen before packing and also this kind of fish is smoked well to preserve them and send them to many other countries. The flesh is firm with a moist texture suitable to make many varieties of fish recipes.

25. Hen

The flesh as we all know is chicken and all the countries include chicken in their diet. Slaughtering hen gives us delicious chicken and every part of the chicken is used for cooking purposes and serve. They range from slow cooking to baking, roasting, grilling, kababs, snacks and all recipes made out of chicken taste yum.

26. Hilsa

This is a very popular fish variety in Bangladesh and the taste of the fish is just superb. This fish has tiny bones to it but is abundantly available in the Indian subcontinent and many different curries, fry recipes are made using this fish and tastes the best.

It is also named Ilisha and is also called King of fish because of its taste. Many people in India prefer eating this fish variety as this has got the best texture and flavor than any other fish species.

27. Holy basil

This plant has green leaves and is a medicinal plant commonly known as “Tulsi”. The basil leaf is available in many stores and in India, most households have this plant as it is considered sacred. The holy basil is used as a herb in many cuisines and mainly Thai cuisine makes use of this herb.

The plant has different medicinal properties such as reducing stress, controlling sugar levels, improving brain function and many more.

28. Huckleberry

This belongs to the berry family and is similar to blueberries but are smaller in size. They taste different compared to blueberries but their appearance is almost similar to them.

The taste is slightly tart and ripe huckleberries colour ranges from blue, red, black and purple. There are sometimes sweet in flavour depending on how ripe they are and they are rich in Vitamin C and are known to reduce cholesterol levels as well as many severe ailments.

29. Hyacinth beans

This is a beans variety that appears purple in color with beautiful flowers to the plants and mostly grown in African regions. These beans are edible but the seeds may be poisonous and need to be boiled well in order to consume.

The tender beans can be used to make curries or stir-fries to relish.

30. Hog plum

These are a variety of plums mostly found in tropical America and are available in different colours. Their flesh is similar to that of avocado and this plum variety is edible. The fruits have many different colours such as they appear in orange color, yellow, red, green etc… They have many benefits to health and not every country can grow this plum as it needs different climatic conditions to grow this wild shrub.

31. Hash browns

This is a potato dish, one of the foods that start with h in the form of a cutlet made using shredded potatoes. The potatoes are squeezed well after grating or shredding and then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices of one’s choice.

The potatoes are made in the form of a cutlet and cooked on each side for about 5 minutes until they appear brown in color. This is a common breakfast recipe in American families.

32. Halwa

It is a popular dessert in India and the halwa appears almost similar to puddings and they are made using semolina, carrots, chickpea flour, wheat, sugar etc…topped with chopped dry fruits, ghee etc… The halwa is a deliciously tasting recipe and served after meals in Indian states and the most common halwa recipes are gajar ka halwa, sooji ka halwa, besan halwa etc…

33. Horseraddish

This is a root-like vegetable belonging to the mustard family but its appearance from the outside is of ginger. The root has got green leaves to its top and its skin has a brown hairy like appearance. The root is said to be edible according to University studies and can be used as garlic and ginger are used in dishes.

34. hara bhara kabab

These are of cutlet shape kababs that are made using plain vegetables such as chopped spinach, boiled peas, boiled potatoes by seasoning with flour and spices. The dough is then made into the shape of kebabs or cutlets and then shallow fried on both sides in very little oil.

They can be used as a snack, starter or can be placed between sandwiches like patties and enjoyed.

35. Herbs

There are many herbs available and the most common ones are cilantro, mint, fenugreek etc… There are some flowering plants too which come under herbs and are edible but different countries have different herbs in their cuisines such as Parsley, chives, basil, oregano, rosemary etc…

All these herbs add flavor and fragrance to the food and most importantly they give an amazing look to the dish when used for presenting the food.

36. Herbal tea

Tea made using herbs or making use of any spice or condiment and allowing them to steep well before consuming are highly beneficial for better health. The herbal teas can range from turmeric tea, ginger tea, cumin tea, rose tea or any other tea made using healthy herbs.

This tea boosts the immune system can treat colds and cough, have more medicinal value and are in use for ages.

37. Husk tomato

These tomatillos are of a cherry shape that is small, spherical and light brown in colour. They originate from Mexico and have great usage in recipes. They can be used in salads, salsa, add as toppings to the pizza, bread etc as they have a slightly sweet and mild flavour.

38. Hot pepper

Chilli varieties such as jalapeno, serrano, ghost pepper, habanero are all pepper that comes under hot peppers and can taste too spicy.

39. Hushpuppy

These are deep-fried fried small round dumplings made using corn batter, seasonings and are served as snacks.

These are some of the listings of foods that start with h or begin with h and do share more of the foods that are known in the comment section below and I would be glad enough to include them in my post.

foods that start with h

39 foods that start with h

yummy indian kitchen

foods that start with h or starting with h.

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