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No one can claim copyright over Cricket: Delhi High Court refuses to stay Legends League Cricket

Justice Menon further observed that the idea of a ten-over cricket match is not new and was introduced in 1997 in New Zealand while retired cricketers have been playing matches all around the world and therefore, that too, is not an original idea of the plaintiff.

“Test matches have also been held in countries that do not play cricket. The participation of the Indian diaspora in various cricket venues, particularly, the Middle-East, is also common knowledge. Thus, none of the features of the concept of the plaintiff reflect original thought,” the Court opined.

It further said,

““League matches were held in 2015. IPL has been in existence since 2007. The matches in which retired legendary cricketers have played for various reasons, including public causes, have been ongoing for long. To say that because the plaintiff conceptualized a league match with retired cricketers in a T-10 Test Format to be played at venues where there is Indian diaspora, and that being his idea, had become his exclusive right, is to stretch it too far to claim a right to seek an injunction against the Legends League Cricket tournament organized by the defendants.”

Source: Barandbench

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