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PIL before Kerala High Court to restrain opposition parties from using INDIA acronym for their alliance

The core argument of the petitioner revolves around the symbolic significance of the name “INDIA,” which he argued is considered a national symbol.

The petitioner said that the political alliance’s choice of the acronym is not only an attempt to deceive voters but also a potential source of political discord and violence.

By associating their alliance closely with the nation itself, the political parties are seeking undue influence in the upcoming elections, the petitioner argued.

Furthermore, the petitioner asserted that the alliance’s actions violate the Model Code of Conduct for elections, specifically Class 1, which prohibits activities that aggravate existing differences and create mutual hatred among different castes, communities, religions, or dialects.

The petitioner contended that such actions could lead to the distortion of unity in diversity, a principle fundamental to the Indian Constitution.

The plea stated that despite the petitioner submitting representations to the Election Commission and the Government of India, no action has been taken.

The petitioner, therefore, urged the court to direct the Government of India and the Election Commission to prevent the use of the “INDIA” acronym by the political alliance, citing the absence of any other effective, efficacious, and speedy remedy.

Source: Barandbench

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