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Supreme Court seeks LG’s response on Delhi government plea alleging frustration of road accident treatment scheme

The Farishtey Dilli Ke scheme was launched in 2018 and provides free treatments to victims of road accidents in public and private hospital.

The plea by the Aam Aadmi Party government alleged that the scheme has practically become defunct for over a year since payments to many hospitals have not been made.

“As on date, there is a pending payment of ₹7.17 Crores in respect of 42 private hospitals. Despite repeated oral and written directions by the Health Department, GNCTD and the concerned Minister regarding clearance of pending bills of the private hospitals, the defaulting officials have not cleared the pending [bills],” it was stated.

The Delhi government, therefore, said that disciplinary action should be against the respondents for their ‘deliberate and illegal inaction and insubordination’, which has rendered meaningless the directives of an elected government.

De-operationalisation of the scheme is arbitrary and against federalism, it was stressed.

In the absence of any accountability to the Delhi government, the civil servants in the national capital by not following orders are putting day-to-day governance and citizens’ fundamental needs in jeopardy, the plea said.

Source: Barandbench

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