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Teachers who are expected to impart education and ‘sanskar’ are involving in question paper leaks: Rajasthan High Court

Single-judge Justice Vinit Kumar Mathur made the observation while refusing relief to two teachers, booked for leak of question papers of senior teacher examination.

The duo had moved the Court to quash the orders suspending and subsequently dismissing them from service.

The Court observed that the petitioners, Bhagirath Ram and his brother Ravata Ram, were caught red-handed along with some other persons in a hotel at Udaipur, who were solving the papers for dummy candidates.

“The petitioners in the present case are teachers, they impart education, Sanskar to the younger generation of our country. The petitioners were caught red handed along with the other group of persons in a hotel at Udaipur who were solving the papers for dummy candidates. They were involved in helping the dummy candidates and were using unconstitutional and unethical measures for helping the candidates in the examination for Teacher recruitment in Rajasthan,” the bench observed in its order pronounced on May 1.

Therefore, people like the petitioners who are involved in malpractices and unethical acts do not deserve any leniency in the matter, the judge added.

He further noted the trend of paper leaks in the State which was jeopardising the careers of students.

“This Court is at pains to note that nowadays, the leakage of papers and other malpractices employed by the miscreants like petitioners are creating havoc in the society, the honest and genuine students’ career is jeopardized by such acts and completely demoralizing them. The involvement of teachers in such malpractices is cause of serious concern,” the bench underscored.

This Court feels that the time has come when no sympathy and benefit of doubt should be granted in favour of persons like petitioners.

They are required to be dealt with iron hands, the Court held.

Source: Barandbench

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