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Imran Khan accuses West of double standards on Kashmir, Uyghurs. Pakistanis not impressed

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attracted criticism from his own citizens for denying the atrocities against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province Monday, ahead of his visit to Beijing for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony on 4 February 2022.

During an interview with Chinese media Saturday, PM Khan said how the “double standards” of the West show in their “selective silence” on human rights violations in Kashmir.

“What we find very difficult to swallow in Pakistan is that while they talk about Uighurs, they do not talk much in the West about IoK because the worst human rights violations are taking place there by India. Somehow there is selective silence about human rights in IoK where around nine million people are basically living in the worst conditions — [it’s] almost an open prison — by these 800,000 Indian troops. On one side they talk about Xinjiang, but on the other, there is this silence on IoK, which is deafening for us”, PM Khan said during an interview with Chinese reporters in Islamabad.

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Khan’s statement, however, have also been difficult to swallow for many people.

A comment on YouTube read how the Pakistani Prime Minister had gone “overboard” by comparing the situations in East Turkestan with that of Kashmir and called the comparison “unimaginable”.

Zartaj Gul Wazir, Pakistan Minister of State for Climate Change, shared a clip from the interview on Twitter with the caption: “Contrary to anti-China propaganda done by some in the West, our own findings about the state of #Uighurs are that accusations made on China are false. However, we in Pakistan are quite surprised over the deafening silence by the same quarters about Indian atrocities in #Kashmir”.

Responding to this post, a Twitter user called Khan the face of “hypocrisy and double standards” and wrote, “Ughyr Muslims are being killed, women being raped and here our honourable PM @ImranKhanPTI says “This is actually not true on the ground. He has actually undermined the solidarity for Kashmir”. Another called him the “propaganda minister of china”.

While one termed this instance as “A hypocrite calling out other hypocrites”, another called him “Gaslighter-in-chief talking about double standards”.

Some Pakistanis slammed Khan for “sucking up to China”, with one saying that there’s “only cowardice in this glorified stance by #ImranKhan who can only make a huge hue & cry about Kashmir or Palestine but stay silent on #UyghurGenocide”.

Another Pakistani slammed Khan for “using” Kashmiris’ sufferings to suck up to China and said his statement was “Hypocritical, heartless & thoughtless on so many levels. Denying ethnic cleansing of Muslims while harping on Islamophobia. Damaging Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. Can he leave Kashmir alone, in words too?”.

“In trying to build global solidarity for 8 million Muslims in Kashmir, while simultaneously trying to sabotage global solidarity for 15 million Muslims in East Turkestan, @ImranKhanPTI is undermining global solidarity for both!”, wrote C.J. Werleman.

Source: The Print

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