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Pakistani TikTok star lip job half-done, says FIA froze her bank account midway

New Delhi: Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah garnered social media attention late Saturday when she appeared on camera with a swollen upper lip.

Explaining her condition, Shah revealed that she had been wanting to undergo a lip filler procedure for a while, but midway through it, she was informed that Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has frozen her bank account, so she abandoned her appointment and left the procedure incomplete.

“The doctor had filled up one side of my lip when I received a call from Pakistan saying that the FIA has frozen my account,” Shah said in a video filmed in Ilford, United Kingdom, and added that she left due to the high expense of the procedure.

The news comes a little over two weeks after the FIA had launched a money laundering investigation against Hareem Shah after she released a video showing large amounts of cash that she said she was taking on her travels from Pakistan to London.

“Bringing in of foreign currencies is permitted without any limit. A passenger can bring any amount of any foreign currency to Pakistan. Taking out foreign currencies is permitted up to US $ 10,000 un-conditionally,” Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue’s foreign currency guideline says.

GEO News reporter Murtaza Ali Shah posted Hareem Shah’s video on Twitter. Shah tells her fans about how it was the “first time” that she was taking a “heavy amount” of cash to the UK and criticised the government for failing to deliver on its promise to increase the value of the Pakistani rupee and Pakistani passport.

Hareem Shah’s situation has also provided a great deal of material for social media users to weigh in.

“Does she believe that showing her half done procedure will get her some sympathy?” user wajiyanoman said in the comments section of an Instagram post by Niche lifestyle.

Another user quote tweeted a cricket fail video and compared it to Hareem’s predicament

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