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The Travel Planners — The National Tourism Award Winner

A closer look at the post-pandemic population reveals that the majority are struggling to recover from the stress and mental illness caused as a result of the social isolation created by COVID-19. It has also created huge negative impacts on the physical health as well as lifestyle of the people. The frequent changes in food habits, increase in physical inactivity, rise in workload, improper sleep-wake cycle, etc lead to malfunctioning of the immune system and a following rise in chronic diseases. In such a circumstance, detoxifying, rejuvenating, and strengthening bodily tissues is very important to regain proper health and stability of the body. The only way to overcome this is through Ayurveda. It is the oldest of medical practices that comprise numerous medical concepts and hypotheses. Recognizing the importance of Ayurveda, South India’s leading inbound tour operator – The Travel Planners had put forward numerous attractive and mind-blowing ayurvedic packages for the wanderlusts along with Ayur Villa.

The Travel planners And Their Mode Of Conduct

The Travel Planners is an ISO 9001-2000 certified Tour Company started in the year 1999, as a specialized Tour Operator for South India. They are now South India’s leading specialists in tailor-made holidays to the state. The Travel Planners has grown to become one of the leading and most respected operators recognized by the Ministry Of Tourism, Government of India. They are the fastest growing Tour Company in Kerala with the mission of providing unique tours and are best known for their personalized and professional tour services. For their uninterrupted services for the last 22 years, they have been honored with numerous awards including the Kerala State Tourism Awards for the “Most Innovative use of Information Technology”, the Best Innovative Tourism Product Award from Kerala State Govt 2006 – 07, Best Inbound Tour Operator – South India, by Express & Galileo Travel World Awards 2007-08, etc.

Step Into Ayurveda With Ayur Villa

The Ayur Villa is a Boutique luxury private retreat for a family vacation or private stay with Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation to rejuvenate body, mind, and soul. The Ayur Villa is rated as a top retreat by Trip advisor in the speciality lodging category by the customers who stayed and experienced the Keralan hospitality and Luxury amenities. Ayur Villa with its professional team provides the best possible rejuvenating experience from inside and outside for the visitors. Their team comprises highly trained yoga professionals and experts in Ayurveda treatment.

Ayur Villa provides its visitors with a heartwarming luxury five-bedroom resort, private swimming pool, nutritious breakfast, vegetarian meals, daily ayurvedic therapy, doctor’s regular consultation, yoga, etc. Their Innovative Inner Healing Program tackles depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, anger, bitterness, confusion, emotional and/or physical anguish through breathing techniques/yoga/meditation, etc.

Ayur villa’s personalized Ayurveda package includes daily massages for up to three guests, helping you to further relax and embrace a slower but healthier pace of life. The Ayurveda panchakarma treatment detoxifies the body from all the chemicals present. A proper Ayurveda diet along with ayurvedic medication and oil massage maintains that purified state of the body.

Packages Offered At Ayur Villa

  • The Ayurveda rejuvenation package aims at detoxifying the body and balancing the body constitution with proper diet, treatment, and exercise. This helps in gaining better health at a cellular level and ensures the proper functioning of each cell.
  • The Immunisation Package strengthens the whole immune system along with protecting the body from germs, harmful substances, detrimental cell changes, etc.
  • The Inner Healing Program And Destress Packages focus on not only the physical health but also the mental well-being of the guests. Taking better care for mental health is very important as it helps in handling stress management, stabilizing constructive behaviors, making healthy relationships, generating a positive self-image, etc.

Ayur Villa strongly believes that yoga and medication along with proper treatment and diet relieve you from all the stress due to a wrong lifestyle or any other reasons.

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