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Career options after BBA in 2022

Career options after BBA
Career options after BBA


Bachelor in Business Application or BBA is a three-year undergraduate course pursued by students who have completed grade 12. The business course, in its three-year journey, imparts students with knowledge across a number of business topics in the BBA subject course outline, thereby getting them up and running to pursue a number of careers or further studying options in the field of Data Science, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Economics and such. 

BBA as an undergraduate course can be pursued by any student looking to pursue a career in business management, whether they have pursued science or commerce as a major in their pre-degree. 

What are the different types of BBA courses?

  • BBA Full-time 
  • BBA Part-time 
  • BBA Online 

In the given predicament we are in today, it has become very difficult for students to find jobs after BBA course completion. Which brings us to our questions of the day – What to do after BBA? – Career options after BBA

What to do after BBA?

The opportunities an undergraduate can pursue on completion of a BBA degree is endless. If you are looking to study further, you can pursue a PG Program in Business Management, Master’s Degree in Finance, Data Science, Design, Photography and Blockchain to name a few. 

  • Executive PG Program in Managementis the most commonly pursued option, given the career opportunities. This master’s course in business brings you within the  field of Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, and a number of other fields in business. 
  • MSC Finance- is a master’s course in Finance, ideally pursued by under graduates looking to pursue a career in Finance. An undergraduate degree, final year specialised in Finance. 
  • MSC Data Sciencean MSC in Data Science, unlike other courses, doesn’t need you to have any prior experience or knowledge about the subject. All you need as an eligibility is an undergraduate degree in any given subject matter. 
  • Courses such as – MA in Photography and Design, ideally can be pursued even without an undergraduate degree. However, if you are looking to pursue the course after a BBA degree, you are not expected to have any prior knowledge. 
  • Master in Block chaina course that educates its pursuers with important concepts from Law, Information Technology and Business.  

What are the probable Career options after BBA? 

If you are looking to pursue career options after BBA and are sure of not wanting to pursue further education. The easiest and the most preferred career path for a student after he/she finishes a course in BBA is mostly in the field of Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations. 

Career in Finance – Banking, Financial services and Investments

Entry level opportunities 

  • Bank Branch Manager 
  • Commercial Lender 
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Planner 
  • Financial Manager 
  • Portfolio Manager 
  • Security Analyst
  • Trust Manager 

Career in MarketingMarketing, Sales and Advertising 

Entry level opportunities 

  • Marketing Executive 
  • Sales Executive 
  • Advertising Executive 
  • Market Research Analyst 

Career in Human Resource – Recruitment, Staffing and Payroll 

Entry Level opportunity 

  • HR Assistant 
  • HR Coordinator 
  • HR Specialist 
  • HR Recruiter 

Career in Operations – Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management and Project Management 

An undergraduate who has pursued a BBA and is looking to pursue a career in Data Science can expect to land him or herself in following entry level opportunities. 

Career in Data Science 

  • Data Scientist Executive 
  • Data Analyst Executive
  • Data Engineer Executive
  • Data Architect Executive 

If you are looking to pursue a career in the field of Photography, videography and design, you would ideally join as an intern and then work as junior level Graphic or Visual Art designers, the career graph for a photographer and videographer is pretty much the same. 

Career in Digital Marketing 

The career of an aspiring Digital Marketing professional is pretty straightforward. He or she initially steps foot into the industry as a marketing executive and thought the clutches of time in turn over the years grows into Digital Marketing Managers.

Entry Level 

Career in Blockchain

A Blockchain executive will work on prototypes, proof of concepts, solutions based on Blockchain technology. 

Entry Level 

  • Junior Blockchain Developer 
  • Blockchain solution Architect Executive 
  • Blockchain UX design Executive 
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer 

Apart from the list given above, there are a number of career options after BBA one can pursue in the field of Hotel Management, Sports, Charter Accounting. If you are passionate about pursuing a government job, you can write exams such as UPSC, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL Exam, IBPS Clerk, and RBI Grade B exam to name a few. 

Furthermore, Product Management, Project Management, Foreign Exchange, Economics, Actuary, Trading, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship are also career paths that have been more widely pursued in the past years.  

Career options after BBA in USA  

Jobs in USA

  • Financial Analyst 
  • Management Trainee 
  • Finance Intern 
  • Program Manager 
  • Manager Account Management
  • Analyst Investment Banking  
  • Logistics Analyst 
  • HR Assistant
  • Cost Accounting 
  • Client Delivery Specialist 
  • Program Associate 

Career options after BBA + MBA in India       

According to LinkedIn, there are about 21000+ jobs waiting to be filled in India. There are about 13000+ work from home jobs that you can pursue after a BBA course.  According to Naukri, there are 8877 jobs waiting to be filled in 2021. 

BBA as a management course opens doors to its pursuers to a number of career opportunities in India and overseas. However, with the given predicament we are in today, an undergraduate course alone can never lead you to pursuing a good job. Certification courses and Master’s programs in that case can help you as a career aspirant to stand out tall from the thousands looking to pursue a career in their field of expertise.                                   

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