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Cattle vigilantism has made an appearance as ‘bovine policing’ in national capital: Delhi Court

The Court also found a “commonality” in the three separate FIRs, that the accused had bullet injuries at precisely the same area – their knees.

While the applicants allegedly having first fired at the police and the respective police teams then firing back in self defence may be a prospect for a finding only upon trial, the allegations relating to intentional firing upon precisely the same location of the body i.e. the knee are beyond the stereotypical and cannot be dismissed as a case of fanciful defence,” the Court pointed out.

Judge Gogne further remarked,

All service pistols/weapons used by the police officials are reported to have found the bull’s eye painted on the knee of the five suspects. How the police officials manage a front on hit i.e. a bullet injury on the front of the knee when all suspects were allegedly escaping also borders on the incredible.

Source: Barandbench

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