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Quit Smoking #OneStepAtATime with 2baconil, Powered by Milind Soman

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 30: The journey of quitting smoking is difficult and won’t happen in a day! Various aspects, such as societal pressure, lack of self-control, lack of motivation, and inhibitions, all act as obstacles that makes a person feel he or she just can’t quit.

This is why 2baconil, the only Indian brand to indigenously develop, manufacture & market India’s first 24-hour Nicotine transdermal patch, has teamed up with Milind Soman to kickstart the ’90-Day Quit Tobacco Challenge’. The challenge requires participants to take it one day at a time, without skipping any days.

‘One Step At A Time’ campaign, thoughtfully crafted by 2baconil, is based on the idea that every journey towards a healthier lifestyle begins with a single step. The campaign centers around the belief that small, gradual changes can lead to significant and lasting transformation. By encouraging individuals to take one step at a time, 2baconil seeks to foster a sense of hope and determination, inspiring people with tobacco addiction to embark on their own unique journey towards a healthier life.

Speaking on the campaign, Malavika Kaura Saxena, Director – Marketing, Rusan Pharma Ltd. said, “On this World No Tobacco Day, with 2baconil, we strive to encourage people with tobacco addiction to take charge of their lives and quit the habit. With this aim, we have launched the #OneStepAtATime campaign in partnership with Milind Soman. 2baconil’s association with Milind is a natural extension of his efforts to promote good health and wellness in society. Through this communication, we aim to encourage & push people to continue their efforts, even if it means reducing one smoke per day. Every little step taken towards reducing tobacco consumption is a step towards a better and healthier tomorrow.”

Setting remarkable examples of breaking his own personal boundaries, Milind Soman is an ultra-marathoner and a vocal supporter of various health initiatives. His dedication always encourages people to challenge their limitations and improve their own well-being. Milind’s message of consistency and patience in the journey towards a healthier life resonates with 2baconil’s mission to support people with smoking addiction in their journey towards a tobacco-free life.

In his powerful video, while showcasing his dedication to fitness, Milind Soman emphasizes the importance of patience and consistency in achieving significant changes to quit smoking. He questions whether someone dedicated to clean eating and intense gym sessions for a week can achieve their desired fitness goals! He emphasizes that the answer is a resounding ‘No!’ Change does not happen overnight. Soman says, “It is important to understand that changing habits isn’t an overnight process or a matter of willpower; it takes time! They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle. So be patient with yourself to quit smoking and have faith in the process.”

“The idea behind the campaign is that it allows people with smoking habits to set goals for themselves and measure progress every month, while being provided with all the support they need, especially with 2baconil’s nicotine replacement transdermal patches. These patches are not a substitute for tobacco, but provide a steady dose of harmless nicotine to the body, reducing withdrawal symptoms and increasing their chances of quitting smoking.” Malavika added.

Khushboo Sharma, Director Zero Gravity Communications, said “Simple truths of life sometimes need eye-opening messaging. Messages we already know need to be just carved out. With 2baconil we always take this challenge to find interesting ways to educate and make the audience aware of what they already know. Smoking is bad, and quitting a bad habit isn’t instant. Our campaign is to make people reflect on their habits and help them take One Step At A Time in their journey of quitting smoking with a trustworthy companion: 2baconil.”

This World No Tobacco Day, join the movement and take ‘one step at a time’ towards putting health first! To watch Milind Soman’s impactful video campaign and learn more about 2baconil nicotine replacement patches, visit

2baconil is available in nicotine patches and gums. For more information on the 2baconil campaign, visit their website:

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