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W88KRA – The leading sports website for Korean fans

If you are looking for a reputable address to follow your favorite football matches or update the latest sports news, then W88.city is a great suggestion. Here, you can not only satisfy your passion but also have interesting entertainment moments. Let’s learn about W88.city – this leading Korean football sports website.

About W88.city

W88 is an online football website built not long ago. After realizing that the demand for watching football matches and updating sports news online in Korea is increasing, most of the current websites do not meet all the needs and desires of the Koreans. fans, so W88.city was born.

W88.city is mission is to update the schedule, results, and rankings of all domestic and international tournaments. Not only that, but W88.city also constantly updates the latest sports news, football, player transfer information, and news that are of interest to fans.

W88.city owns a team of leading experts and editors in the field of sports and football. They know what the audience cares about, so they respond exactly to the information the audience needs. Therefore, although it does not have a long operating time like some other websites in Korea, W88.city has quickly received the attention of a large number of fans. The proof is that every day there are thousands of visits to the W88 website.

Main features of W88.city

When coming to W88.city, fans will feel overwhelmed with the huge amount of information that this website brings. Here are some of the most interesting content at W88.city.

  • Update the latest sports news

At W88.city fans can follow news related to sports, domestic and international football. The information updated by the editorial team of W88.city is quite diverse from information on the transfer of players, and coaches to sports news on the sidelines. When you come to W88.city, you will certainly not miss any hot sports information.

  • Update match results and standings

With this function, fans can follow the schedule, participating teams, score results, and standings of domestic and international tournaments. If you, unfortunately, miss your favorite matches, you can watch the video again at W88.city, and update the score results and match progress here.

Besides, W88.city also regularly uploads funny sports clips, videos of outstanding matches, interview clips of famous players, and coaches, or side reports for fans to have fun. overview of sports in the country and the world.

  • Analysis predicts results

In addition to updating the latest sports and football news, W88.city also has a team of leading experts in the field of betting, analysis, and match judgment. Therefore, W88.city has its own section to analyze and predict the results of the matches for fans to consult and discuss.

Register an account to receive news at W88.city

Although it is a completely free sport and football website, to receive news about the latest domestic and international sports events, fans need to register for an account.

How to register for W88 is very simple, if you do not know, you can refer to the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Access the W88 website by following the official link provided by W88.city.
  • Step 2: On the home page, click the ” register W88” button in the right corner of the screen. Then, fully and accurately fill in the information that the system requires, including Full name, login name, password, phone number, Email, etc. 
  • Step 3: Then wait a few minutes, the system will automatically update the name and password you just registered. 

After creating an account successfully, the system will send you an email notification when there is new news related to the team or tournament you are interested in.


With the information that we have just provided, we can comment that W88.city is the leading football sports website for Korean fans. Hopefully, through the above sharing, you can choose for yourself an address to regularly watch football matches as well as other hot and interesting information.

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