Expo 2020 Makes a Promise to The Planet

Expo 2020 Dubai paves the way for a brighter future, for the planet and its people.

And with Thomas Cook’s specially curated packages, you could be part of something big.

Take a virtual tour of the Expo’s three petals i.e., pavilions.


The Mobility pavilion showcases the latest, cutting-edge innovations in the fields of transportation, logistics and supply-chain management. Visitors can journey through an impressive collection of interactive installations that play around with elements of height, motion, suspension, and fluidity. Imagine riding the world’s largest elevating platform to the “House of Wisdom” in 9th century Bagdad. Or, embarking on a space expedition to the red planet, Mars! Or, witnessing a five-story digitised waterfall. Or even, observing the real time flow of cargo across the globe. Travellers can also explore magical universes such as that of the iconic “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. To further add to the spectrum of offerings, one can peek into the realm of zero-waste technologies. Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle, Nissan Leaf, burns zero gas, thus producing zero tailpipe emissions, and no engine noise!


dubai expo 2020 pavilions

The Opportunity pavilion, through its array of awe-inspiring creations, seeks to instil a sense of empathy in visitors. A desire to take action and help build a better tomorrow. The visitor experience is based upon a series of gameplay moments designed to challenger the viewer’s perception on physiological needs such as water, food, and energy. Through powerful simulations of real-life environments, individuals are empowered to be agents of change for their very own communities! Whether it’s uncovering ancient treasures or enjoying outer space adventures, this eclectic forum surprises and woos tourists. Ever been to USA? Now you can with Hyper loop, the future of public transportation, that travels at the speed of aircrafts. Visit Belarus and marvel at the 4 D Printer that can reproduce Live Cells. When in the UK, experience the sheer brilliance of artificial intelligence and machine by talking to robots.


The Sustainability pavilion, Terra, is an oasis of self-sufficiency. Running on its own electricity (solar power and energy trees) and water, it gives travellers a peek into what the world could be like – healthy and happy. Audiences can discover newer paths of sustainability through an array of green solutions that combine technology with a purpose. One installation allows visitors to tiptoe across a dense forest and overhear the chitter-chatter of the roots; they are actually communicating with one another! Another experience allows visitors to dive into the vast ocean and learn of the plight of a giant fish who has been disturbed by ocean pollution. The world of Terra is fascinating. Make a trip to Czech Republic and watch how a building fashions water from thin air! Fly to Singapore and tour a net-zero energy structure.

Expo 2020 Dubai thematic pavilions bring the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” to life through never-seen-before experiences.

So, make a pledge to the planet, with the help of Thomas Cook!

Source: Thomas Cook India

By AlJazeera