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LinkedIn shares its work on policy violations in Community Report

LinkedIn Community Report

Fake accounts, Spam and scams, content violations, copyrighted materials, are the main aspects focussed on in the new community report by LinkedIn.

Here are the key highlights from the LinkedIn Community Report for the period between January 1 to June 30, 2021:

  • 97.1% of all fake accounts were stopped during the January – June 2021 period by automated defenses, and 2.9% stopped by manual review 11.6 Mn fake accounts were stopped at registration, 3.7 Mn restricted proactively, and 85.7K taken down after being reported
  • 99.6% spam and scam content was automatically removed

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  • 66.1 Mn spam and scam posts were proactively removed and 232K posts were removed after being reported
  • Misinformation, Harassment, violent or graphic, Adult, Hateful or derogatory, and child exploitation were the types of poss removed for content violations, with the number of posts containing misinformation being the highest
  • Requests from copyright owners claiming infringement of protected works accounted for a total of 5,796 reports
  • With 5,780 reported infringements removed, and 16 rejected, the percentage of accepted reports stands at 99.70%

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